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Interview with the Head Teacher

Lauren Williams 10P3 and the whole of 9P2 won a competition to interview Dr Morrison. Below are the important questions they wanted answers to!

Lauren and Jack interviewing Dr Morrison


1. What do you do in your spare time?

Outside education the majority of my time is spent with my family. Often I am ferrying them around to various dance, music and sporting events. As a family we go on many trips and often involving cycling and canoeing. One of the highlights of the summer was swimming a stretch of the Thames with my oldest daughter. Outside the family I play for a team in the Oxfordshire Squash Leagues and enjoy running; I have a couple of half marathons coming up in the next few months.

2. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday? Why do you like it?

For a short UK break I love to go camping and surfing at Rhossili Bay. Given longer Iceland is fantastic with hot springs and amazing landscapes. I am very envious of our World Challenge group who are going there next summer.

3. What was your favourite TV show as a child?

Dogtanian. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about Dogtanian was a cartoon based on the story of The Three Musketeers with the main characters as cartoon dogs! I remember my class singing the theme tune “All for one and one for all” when I was at school.

4. What's your family background - have you brothers and sisters? Where were you born etc.?

I was born in Kent and spent the first few years growing up on a golf course where my Dad was the club pro. While at primary school I moved to Oxfordshire before moving on to a secondary school in Northamptonshire called Chenderit. I have one sister, Amy, who is a Paediatrician (Doctor specialising in child medicine) in Somerset.

5. What's the song that always gets you dancing?

The first dance at my wedding was to the Wannadies ‘You and Me Song’ so I should probably say that. Right now I am listening to a lot of Frank Turner and Imagine Dragons who I am looking forward to seeing this November.

6. If you could paint another picture for Miss Thompson, what would it be?

Having done something big for the first picture I would probably opt for something smaller with more detail. Recently I drew some illustrations for a book one of my squash friends wrote so I would probably see if Miss Thompson had written anything I could work with.

7. Who is your favourite artist and why?

Anselm Kiefer has long been a favourite artist. He is German and shockingly for a famous artist is still alive! He uses materials like plaster, lead and straw to create big, thick, textured paintings. I first saw one of his paintings on a school trip to Paris when I was 16 and have admired his work ever since.

8. Why did you become a head teacher rather than a teacher in art?

I started as an Art Teacher twenty years ago. I loved teaching art because I loved seeing students be creative. I became a teacher because I wanted to help young people succeed academically but also grow into successful adults. As a Headteacher I have more opportunities to make this happen.

9. What are the positive and negative things about being a head teacher?

One of the great things about coming to work every day is the variety of different conversations I have with students, staff and parents. No day is like any other. It is a real pleasure to see the efforts your teachers make to help you learn and give you opportunities like clubs and trips. Each day I see several of you understand something new or grasp an idea that shows your increasing maturity. I suppose the negatives are those office jobs that take me away from this.

Ultimately as I have told you in assemblies the joy is knowing that after your years at Bradon Forest School you have become the best people you can be and leave with a fantastic set of memories and qualifications.

10. What was your dream job as a child?

I loved learning. At school I enjoyed lessons but also being part of the sports teams, drama productions and trips. However, whether at school or home I was keen to soak up new experiences and knowledge. I had no specific career plan. As a youngster I took GCSE and A Level subjects I enjoyed. When I was 15 I did work experience in a solicitors. However, around the same age I remember my Dad saying that I’d never leave education. So far he has been right!

11. What’s your favourite animal and what does that say about you?

This is the hardest question of the lot. As many of you know I am a vegetarian. However, this does not make me the world’s greatest animal lover. We have no pets apart from a couple of frogs in the pond. As the most complex ‘animals’ ultimately I find humans the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

12. If you had to cook the whole school dinner, what would it be and why?

I’d love to combine eggs, rice, filo pastry, lentils and mushrooms and create one of my favourite vegetarian dishes; a Russian recipe called Kulbyaka. However, our kitchen staff would not be best pleased as my wife says it uses every pan in the kitchen and causes a huge amount of washing up. The pudding would involve some form of soft fruit. I grow gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, redcurrants and blackcurrants as well as having peach, pear, apple and plum trees. It would be some combination of these.